An Important Message About Fraud strives to ensure a safe experience for everyone on our site. Unfortunately, we have recently received a few complaints about members of luring other members off-site with personal email addresses and links to web sites. These members are not who they appear to be and they are potentially attempting to sell you other services, defraud, and scam you. Such behavior is strictly forbidden by the terms of service and we ask that you notify us immediately if you suspect a member is in violation of our Terms and conditions.

Please note that each profile on this site has a Report a Problem button located at the bottom of the profile and there is a File a Complaint button on every email. If you suspect that a member is violating our Terms and Conditions or is engaged in illegal activity, please click that link to report them directly to us. As well, you may report any incident or security concern to us.

The following listed guidelines should be used as a basic reference guide to Internet security.

Yours truly,
Mate1 Security Department

Don't give out personal email or IM Handles

Mate1 has sophisticated on-site email services that allows you to communicate discreetly and anonymously, track your message history with each member and block undesirable members. By using our service, you allow us to do our best to protect your safety, welfare and peace of mind.

Please be wary of members who offer their contact information and ask for yours at the onset of communication. These members are not always who they appear to be and they are potentially attempting to sell you other services, defraud, and scam you. Such behavior is strictly forbidden by the Terms of Service.

These types of scammers tend to obscure their email addresses in order to bypass our security measures. Common examples of how scammers and fraudsters obscure their email address are:

  • Putting slashes between letters: s/c/r/e/e/n/n/a/m/e/a/t/g/m/a/i/l/d/o/t/c/o/m
  • Placing extra words and spaces in the address: screenname at dot ya dot hoo dot mail dotcom
  • Spelling email addresses incorrectly: screennameathottymailydotty

Beware of members who ask you for your personal email address in order to send you a photo, claiming that they cannot send one through Mate1. This is untrue. It is generally much easier to attach a photo to a message via Mate1 than it is to do so off-site.

Sometimes you will be invited to use another online instant messenger system such as Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Instant Messenger. The reasons that you will be given for this will range from photo and file exchange to privacy concerns. However, you should be aware that once you leave, you will no longer have access to our security services.

Beware of Solicitation

Solicitation is forbidden on and we ask you to notify us immediately if another member sends you links to a web site selling a product or service, instructs you to call a 900-number, or asks you for money for any reason. This includes the following:

  • Never give out your bank information for any reason. There is no million dollar prize. They only want your bank details to steal your money, or even your identity.
  • Beautiful girl/handsome man needs your help! Do not send them money. Scammers routinely use fake pictures of attractive men and women to get you to send money.
  • Do not cash checks for strangers. By the time you have sent the fraudster their money, the check they sent will have come back as bad and you will be responsible for the money you sent them.

Report underage users

All members are advised to be on the alert for minors posing as adults on this or any other website. Underage members will claim that they are 18 years or older when signing up for the site, but will often reveal in their correspondence that they are lying. Communicating with a minor on this or any other dating site is illegal. If you discover any member under 18-years of age, you should report them to Mate1 Security immediately, either by clicking on the "Report Abuse" button on their profile, or by emailing us .

If you suspect fraud, contact us The Mate1 Security Department is here to help you with any safety concern you may have. If you are threatened, feel that someone is abusing the system, violating our Terms of Service agreement or committing fraud, you should immediately report this matter to us, either by clicking on the "report abuse" link on the individual's profile or by sending an email to us.